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SHELLEY davies

Shelley Davies is an organizationalist. Her mantra: less is definitely more. She believes the foundation of all great spaces starts with order. By adding details and the things you love to an organized home, your personal style unfolds creating a space that not only flows but reflects the person you truly are. 


This is the process details MODERN ORDER follows when invited into your home to minimize clutter, organize your things and stylize each room to create a home that you love and use.

Here is what clients are saying about Shelley...

When Shelley Davies arrives at a client’s door with her big black eye glasses and calm, focused demeanour, she could be mistaken for any professional making a house call: a physician, tutor, stylist, therapist or, perhaps, exorcist. She is, in a way, all of these things. Davies makes house calls that could feel as personal as a doctor’s consultation, as consoling as a therapy appointment and as cleansing as an exorcism. Her goal, a cure for our modern malaise: clutter.

I can't tell you how much our meeting meant to me! You really have changed my perspective and I feel that our home is already running so much more efficiently. I can already see changes in our kids, taking more ownership and feeling accomplished. It's wonderful! You changed my life... LOL!

I hope you know what a difference you make in our lives. You turn our harried lives into order, hope and calm. I look forward to our next progress. Thanks for being so wonderful.

Thank you Shelley. Today was fantastic. I am so excited about everything. Managing clutter, maximizing space, celebrating one's favourite things is really liberating. Watching all that unnecessary stuff walk out the door. I am excited about all of it. I love it.

It is always such a pleasure to share time with you and I love the outcome of your time here. I feel loved, cared for and my things seem to appear out of nowhere when I need them - magic!

You are seriously the best! I hate the process but the result is amazing. 

Shelley is a Silver Leaf member of the Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), a UBC graduate, mother, wife, cancer survivor, Hawaiian Ironman finisher and a really good purger. She has been featured in and written articles for: The Vancouver Sun, The Province, Westender – WE, Vitamin Daily, TV Week, CRAVE Vancouver. She has appeared on Studio 4 with Fanny Kiefer and CTV Morning Live.